Republika Srbija Municipality of Pecinci place of prosperity
Autonomna Pokrajina Vojvodina Municipality of Pecinci place of prosperity
Municipality of Pecinci place of prosperity


Pećinci Municipality has a huge tourist potential due to its rich historical, natural and cultural heritage. Many natural and historical localities can be found particularly in its southern part - Obedska Pond is one of them.

Obedska Pond has become famous as a „bird heaven“since mid XIX century. At some point famous ornithological reserve and today a special nature reserve this vast marsh and forest complex is only 40 km away from Belgrade stretching along the river Sava in southeast part of Srem.

The authentic combination of stagnant tributary rivers, bogs, marsh vegetation, wet meadows and forests with extremely rich biodiversity of ecosystems and species and especially endangered species is the biggest value of this area.

Obedska Pond is among rare preserved flooding -reed patches with specific traits like hundred years old forests with mixed type of trees - predominantly oak and marsh bird colonies and numerous natural rarities.

Obedska Pond area with its specific natural and cultural and historical values represents an important tourist destination. This complex provides all conditions for passive and active vacations: for sight seeing tours and walks around Obedska Pond itself at Obrež or Kupinovo, while the Sava River bank, close to Kupinovo, is a perfect area for picnics and water sports. Large forest complexes and fishing area of Sava and Obedska Pond are also a tourist attraction of a sort.

Obedska Pond today represents a huge potential for Pećinci to develop sustainable tourism like: ethno tourism, eco tourism, scientific and research tourism fishing and hunting tourism, etc.

Obedska Pond area has numerous archeological localities and structures dating back from the prehistory to the Roman Empire era till the medieval time. The three most important localities related to the medieval period are the St Lucas Church, the oldest orthodox church north from the Sava and the Danube, with its ethno park, then remnants of the medieval fortress Kupinik and a bit farther away the monastery Obed and the Church of Venerable Mother Angelina.

A place famous for its history and tradition kept in this area is Kupinovo, one of the most beautiful Srem villages in this part of the Srem region and the only Srem village that once was the royal town of Prince Stefan Lazarevic and Djuradj Brankovic. In addition to its historical localities, high temperature geothermal water sources are a special attraction of the Kupinovo area.

Pećinci has a unique kind of a museum in the world - the Serbian Museum of Bread - Jeremija, and its contents and exhibits are also unique in Europe. This museum has around 2000 exhibits classified into ethnographic, archeological and painting collections.