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Serbian museum of bread

Serbian Museum of Bread is the result of research work and collection of the painter Jeremija, interested in the religious breads for several decades. Jeremija has been traveling around Serbia for more then thirty years (visits to more than 600 villages); he has been painting in the field; writing about customs; collects recipes, ethnographic objects, religious breads, written documents, protecting Serbian customs from oblivion.

Serbian museum of bread was established in 1995. Museum has been collecting, preserving, keeping and presenting the objects once used in Serbia for bread production. Basic concept of the exhibit is aimed at presenting the way of wheat seed from soil through bread to heaven, corresponding to Jeremija's painting cycles (cycle soil, bread and heavens).

Museum collections are accommodated in 1200 m² of open space and in successively erected buildings designed and built by Jeremija. This is why the entire museum facility hosts the idea of museum as Jeremija's work of art.
Total museum collection is comprised of around 2000 objects classified in three thematic collections: ethnographic, archeological and fine arts.

Ethnographic collection is comprised of: collection of cultivation tools, collection of wheat and corn treatment tools, collection of bread preparing and baking objects, collection of food preparation and serving objects, and collection of religious breads made of 96 different types of breads.

Archeological collection is comprised of: prehistoric and classic collection. Prehistoric collection is comprised of soil cultivation tools, wheat millstones and wheat pottery, and classic collection is comprised of soli cultivation tools from Roman times.
Collection of fine arts is comprised of Jeremija's paintings and drawings.

Unique feature of the Serbian Museum of Bread is that many exhibits are set up to demonstrate their operation. Certain exhibits are allowed to be touched, thus facilitating better object-visitor communication.
Publishing activities of the Museum have been carried out as of the establishment in the form of guidebooks, catalogues and special editions.

In addition to principal activities, the Museum has been organizing professional meetings, promotions, various art workshops with special highlight on work with school and pre-school age children.
The Museum facility hosts the bread stove, belfry dedicated to Saint Nicholas and souvenir shop.

Museum is open on Saturdays and Sundays 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Group visits are allowed on working days with advance announcement. Museum visits are organized solely with the guide.