Republika Srbija Municipality of Pecinci place of prosperity
Autonomna Pokrajina Vojvodina Municipality of Pecinci place of prosperity
Municipality of Pecinci place of prosperity

Economic potential

     The economic development of Pećinci has begun accelerating after 2000 when a significant economic boom occurred. Up till then this municipality had been an agricultural area with vast arable land plots.

     However, with the development of its industrial zone and after its expansion the economic situation has changed. Namely, in Šimanovci village only, 900 hectares of arable land has been changed into industrial land. By adopting a new urban development plan the municipality has got additional 1.650 hectares of new industrial land.

     Renowned world companies have been investing its capital into construction of their business and production facilities here. Many types of industries have come here, beginning with food processing, mechanical engineering industry, civil construction, to services especially in the field of cinematography.

     Thanks to the large forest complex in the southern part of the municipality along the river Sava forestry has become one of the most important economic activities in Pećinci. Obedska Pond, a special natural reserve, whose geographical and especially biological characteristics are well known, together with the remnants of the medieval town Kupinik, the Church of Venerable Mother Angelina and St. Lucas as the most important historical monuments are the main items in the tourist package of the municipality.
     Thanks to its responsive and open administration led by the Local Economic Development Office all interested investors have the possibility to obtain information, assistance and support they need at any given point in time.



  • Strategic geographic position-European Corridor 10, and 7 pass through Serbia, the connection of Europe and Asia
  • Free Trade Agreement with Russia, Belarus-market of 150 million consumers. The only countries in the region of Serbia has signed an FTA with Russia.
  • Serbia is a member of CEEFTA-market of 60 million people
  • Macroeconomic stability-limited inflation and steady GDP growth
  • Preferential trade status with the EU and USA
  • National treatment of foreign companies
  • The lowest tax rates in the region: 10% tax on profits, 8-18% VAT
  • 10 years of tax exemptions for large investments-over 7.5 million euros and 100 employees
  • The largest influx of FDI in Southeast Europe
  • State incentives for investment projects-2,000-10,000 EUR per newly
  • Import duty exempted for raw materials, components and equipment


  • The strategic position of Pecinci. Distance 25 km from Belgrade and 15 km from the airport “Nikola Tesla“.
  • Good infrastructure and transport connections. Highway E 70 intersects the northern periphery of the municipality. Sava River is the southern natural boundary Pecinci.
  • Political stability
  • Proximity to the countries of the region-Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Romania
  • Competitive and qualified workforce
  • Infrastructural equipped industrial zones
  • Institutional support for investment-Municipal Service Center, Development Agency, LED Office
  • Accelerated procedure of issuing building permits
  • Competitive pricing of low-fee arrangement and use of construction land, utilities, local taxes
  • Large spatial potential for inflow of new FDI in 1800 ha industrial zone
  • The approved planning and technical documentation-Municipal Spatial Plan, General Plan, Plan for detailed regulation of industrial zones
  • Great potential for investment in tourism in the area of Special Nature Reserve “Obedska Bara“