Republika Srbija Municipality of Pecinci place of prosperity
Autonomna Pokrajina Vojvodina Municipality of Pecinci place of prosperity
Municipality of Pecinci place of prosperity

Infrastructure and resources

The Municipality of Pecinci has been using its favourable location since 2002 and it has managed to attract about 30 greenfield investments. Domestic and foreign companies have invested almost 300 million EUR into the development of manufacturing businesses, which marked the beginning of dealing with the main problems- unemployment and poor standard of living. Almost 1200 new job places have been opened so far.

The Municipal Assembly has adopted 2 key documents for upgrading future local development- Strategic plan for local economic development and Spatial plan.

Strategic plan covers 5 key questions:
1. Development of small and medium -size business organizations
2. Development of agriculture and the towns of the municipality
3. Development of tourism
4. Attraction of direct investments
5. Higher standard of living

Spatial plan refers to 1900 ha of industrial zones. There are also detail regulation plans for the best industrial zones in Simanovci, covering about 800 ha next to E 70 highway, and only 25km away from Belgrade and 15km away from ``Nikola Tesla`` international airport. The infrastructure is under construction (road networks, gasification, sewage-disposal systems with a wastewater treatment plant, telecommunications). The best recommendation we have are the investors who have already given their contribution to the Municipality of Pecinci.

Thanks to the rich FDI inflow, the Municipality of Pecinci has found the means for the sewage-disposal systems for Pecinci and Simanovci with connectors for the industrial zone, and road network renewal for the whole municipality. Projects for 5 more towns have been done.

There are plans for the sewage-disposal systems covering the whole municipality in the next 4 to 5 years. Gasification is in progress with an accent on industrial zones.

The centre of the town is also under construction, since there are plans for a precinct. The local self-government has ordered General regulation plans for a few more towns. The capital inflow has made it possible to use 11 million RSD for public relief and social welfare.

The municipality is also going to finance a new sport centre and to continue to invest into the day-care centre as well as pre-school and school facilities.

The objective this local self-government administration has is to make the Municipality of Pecinci what our slogan says- a place of prosperity.

Manpower and employment issues

Employers have high opinion concerning the manpower in our municipality. ( 47% good, 27% excellent and 19% average)