Republika Srbija Municipality of Pecinci place of prosperity
Autonomna Pokrajina Vojvodina Municipality of Pecinci place of prosperity
Municipality of Pecinci place of prosperity

Elementary School "Slobodan Bajic Paja"

8 Skolska, Pecinci

Phone number 022/86-146

The first school in Pecinci was founded in 1863, but it did not have premises of its own, so it had to use those of the town hall. It provided a four-year course.

The school as it is today, was opened on 1st October, 1969. It is a eight-year course parent school with local schools (subsidiaries) in Brestac, Subotiste, Sibac, Popinci and Prhovo which still provide a four –year course, while school in Donji Tovarnik, although a subsidiary , provides a eight-year course for its pupils and the ones living in Ogar.

At the moment, 860 pupils are attending this school. There are 90 employees- 60 of them are teachers. One of the biggest problems the school faces every day is the fact that most of the teaches and pupils have to travel to school. It makes it hard to organize classes and especially various after class activities.

However, this has not discouraged the teacher nor the pupils in their ambition to enhance their knowledge and skills, so they continue their education as top students in secondary schools.