Republika Srbija Municipality of Pecinci place of prosperity
Autonomna Pokrajina Vojvodina Municipality of Pecinci place of prosperity
Municipality of Pecinci place of prosperity

Elementary "School Dusan Vukasovic Diogen"

1 Marsala Tita, Kupinovo

Tel: 022/ 88 - 451 (school principal)
Tel/fax : 022/88-114

The earliest written data concerning this school come from 1786. According to Franc Stefan Engel "Kupinovo has got one Illyrian and one German School."

Elementary School "Dusan Vukasovic Diogen" in Kupinovo is a parent school with two local schools (subsidiaries) –one in Asanja and the other in Obrez. They all provide a 8-year elementary course.

The one in Kupinovo has a class for children with special needs (having physical difficulties or problems with learning).
There are 446 pupils, 177 of whom are attending classes in Kupinovo. There are 50 employees-35 of them are teachers.
Although the working conditions here are not so good and most of them travel to work by car or bus, the teachers still manage to achieve good results.

This elementary school was the first in our Municipality to go through the School Development Planning Program. As a result of the seminars held, a plan has been made-Dusan Vukasovic Diogen Development Plan. After analyzing their priorities and the plan itself, the members of the development team have initiated projects and taken actions to create better working environment in the future. (These include- central heating installation, joinery replacement, computer equipment purchase for a computer scince classroom, upgrading teaching process, enhancing pupil-teacher and teacher-parent communication).

One of the projects still in progress is the Pupils` Creative Club. The plan is to make one special classroom where 4 clubs could work-Young Journalists, Drama Club, Young Painters and Photo Club. The main goal is to make cultural life richer and to motivate ambitious pupils and help them establish themselves